SUE “Tattechmedpharm”

The decision to establish the company was made By the government of the Republic in 1999 at a time when state pharmacies were in a very difficult financial and economic situation and could not provide social guarantees to citizens of the region. More than 80% of state pharmacies were unprofitable and had accounts payable.

Combining most of the state pharmacies into a single structure and centralizing the funds allocated from the budget for providing medicines to privileged categories of citizens allowed optimizing overhead costs on the scale of a single system, conducting purchases of pharmaceutical products in large volumes, reducing purchase prices, establishing a system of product quality control and ensuring the profitability of the reorganized network, as well as strengthening control over budget spending.

Today, the state unitary enterprise "tattehmedfarm" is a dynamically developing wholesale and retail company, which includes a pharmacy warehouse, the Republican center for pharmaceutical information (rcpi) and pharmacy institutions.

The company has created all the necessary conditions for timely and high-quality medical care to the population and medical and preventive institutions of the Republic: logistics schemes for drug provision of medical institutions and preferential categories of citizens have been established.; software has been developed that allows for automated collection of applications and operational accounting of dispensed medicines with comprehensive analysis. a multi-level system of quality control of medicines has been created to provide the greatest guarantees of protection against the receipt of counterfeit and low-quality drugs.

State unitary enterprise "tattekhmedfarm" provides drugs to all public health institutions. Every year, at their request, more than 50 million packages of medicines are shipped from the company's warehouse.

Our company is the only pharmaceutical organization in the Republic that provides the population with a full range of pharmaceutical services.

The state unitary enterprise "tattehmedfarm" has created and successfully operates a scheme for uninterrupted provision of the population and medical institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan with medicinal chemical production.

The company also operates the Republican center for pharmaceutical information (rcpi), which provides the population and medical workers of the Republic with information about the availability of pharmaceutical products in pharmacies of the Republic of Tatarstan, paid medical and veterinary services, information about convicted and falsified medicines, provides booking of medicines, provides advice on pharmacology by multi-channel phone "003", as well as using the Internet site and mobile application. Rcpi specialists serve more than 2 thousand requests from the population every day.

Pharmacy state unitary enterprise "Tattekhmedfarm" holds first place in held in the Republic competitions of medical and pharmaceutical workers in the nominations: "The best pharmacy of state ownership of the Republic of Tatarstan" (2006, 2007), "The best industrial pharmacy of the Republic of Tatarstan" (2006, 2007), "For the best organization of work of pharmacies in the reimbursement system of the Republic of Tatarstan" (2006), "Best regional pharmacy" (2007), "The best chemist of the year: honesty and social responsibility" (2008).

A lot has been done over the past twenty years, but we don't stop there. Our company is constantly developing, quickly and flexibly responds to any changes in the pharmaceutical market, fulfilling its main mission-to meet the needs of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan in affordable, high-quality medicines and pharmaceutical services.

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