The main objectives of the department are:
Ensuring requirement of the enterprise in competitive shots.
Ensuring requirement of the enterprise in the personnel account on principles of rationality and efficiency.
The formation of effective legal and institutional mechanisms for staff recruitment and management of human resources for the enterprise.
Proposals on the development of effective measures in the area of personnel policy of the enterprise, improve the social and professional status of pharmaceutical management and employees.

Human resources department
Должность ФИО Phone number
Deputy head of legal management - Head of the human resourses department Klyus Olga Aleksandrovna 294-97-25
Deputy Head of Department of pharmacy warehouse Spapkina Gulnaz Ilshatovna 294-97-29
Expert specialist Makarova Tatyana Yuryevna 294-97-26
Expert specialist Bogoutdinova Irina Yakovlevna 294-98-14
Expert specialist Ryazapova Kristina Olegovna
Expert specialist Valiullina Diana Maratovna

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