"Ski Track of Russia"- 2015

9 February 2015, Monday
On Sunday, members of the SUE "Tattechmedpharm" took part in the traditional largest winter sporting event - "Ski Track of Russia" - 2015. For many people, this day has become not just a sporting event, but rather a winter holiday.
"Ski Track of Russia" is held annually since 1982 and is always a great winter holiday. The number of participants increases from year to year. This year, 71 region of the Russian Federation expressed their willingness to participate in this great sports festival. More outdoor enthusiasts come to the start of the mass ski race in Russia. For them, the systematic physical culture and sports are a way of life and participation in the mass race "Ski Track of Russia" - a tradition. Such events promote healthy lifestyles and develops in people a love for physical training.
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